1. Download Skype and Add me on Skype

  • Step 1: Download Skype
  • Step 2: Install on Mac, Windows, Linux or enter the web app
  • Step 3: Create an account if you don't have one already
  • Step 4: Search "lilyanafortune" and add me

2. Let me evaluate your situation and establish a connection

  • My goal is to help as many people as possible. The more people that can get to know me the more people I can help. Let's establish a connection and I will be able to see if I can help you further. 

3. Email me if I am Offline

4. After the consultation, if I can help You Pay with Paypal

  • If you like my advice and if I can connect with you, you can pay a donation for the consultation. 

Pay a donation amount only after our consultation:

Donation Amount

Thank you! :) I look forward to hearing from you. 

I contacted Lilyana via Skype (lilyanafortune). All she says is true. It's amazing how she can feel on distance. SHe made predictions, and described my problems. No one know them. And she said what gonna happened next. Two weeks passed and all she said did happened. If in trouble, try it yourself. It's free. Many thanks to Lilyana from my family. 

Alen Robertson, January, 2017, Brooklyn, USA

I called Lilyana via Skype (lilyanafortune) this week. Lilyana told me to make a wish and told me several things that were true about my situation that were not possible to guess. She responds very quickly to emails and Skype, and the initial consultation is free, so I recommend anyone who needs help in a difficult situation to contact her and see for themselves what Lilyana can do! 

– Anya Katenko March, 2017, Texas USA