My name is Lilyana. I was born in Ljubchitse, a small prairie village in the south of Ukraine. More than half of our village was populated with settled down Gypsies. Men worked at the horse ranch, women kept house and took care of children. Once Gypsy vans appeared on the outskirts of our village and by evening free-wheeling Roma established a camp. It was a feast for everybody. 

Together with other children I came to see dancing and listen to Gitano songs. It was the first time I saw Rada, a beady-eyed old woman. Ajingling with necklaces and bracelets, she read cards and hands. She told fortunes to all those who wanted to know their future. As a spellbound I stayed there all night watching Rada's speedy withered hands setting out well-handled old cards. People laughed and cried, listening to her deep voice and mysterious words - signs of tomorrow.

Next morning vagabond Gypsies left. But Rada stayed. She felt too old to continue roving life. She moved in with her grandson Stepan, the headman of the Romano community of our village. Stepan's daughter Mariana was my best friend. It was Mariana who told me that her great-grandmother was a well-known in our parts fortune-teller. I was a constant guest at Mariana's place and saw Rada reading cards, mirror and crystal ball. Not once, nor twice, Rada killed the hoodoo, removed evil eye, taught people how to find one's fortune and forestall disasters.

When I was 15, my mother made me a gift of pen-case. Next day at school my pen-case disappeared. I was so frustrated and determined to have it back that I could not think of anything else all day long. All of a sudden in the evening I had a vision: I saw my classmate hiding the pen-case in a shed. Next day I got it back. Later on predictive visions returned and came true again and again.

Once I felt an aching void, dark and ice-cold void space: I had a vision that Mariana and her boyfriend had a motorcycle accident. For two days I was tortured by dire forebodings. I did not dare to speak to anybody. At last I decided to see Rada. The moment Rada saw me, she scented disaster. 

She did not let me speak much, set out cards on the table and wept. Sobbing her heart out, Rada reproached me for not telling her before, not letting her to stem off a disaster. Next day the whole village was appalled at the shocking news.

It was Rada's first lesson, the lesson for life. Afterwards there were many lessons that Rada gave me: she could not die taking her knowledge with her. Little by little she started to teach me. She used to say: "You are given to know and you will know. Whatever you know is for people. How you will get your knowledge - through dreams, visions or spirits - is up to God". As time went on I kept on having visions. Sometimes visions tormented me, I was afraid to be alone, to fall asleep. Rada taught me not to be scared of my visions. She taught me how to call spirits, how to behave, how to ask questions and get answers.

Rada taught me to read cards. She used to say that cards reading, an ancient Gypsy science, comes from immemorial times. This knowledge, given to Romano people by God, was handed down from generation to generation. At the beginning they used silver plates: 12 Zodiac signs seven sacred planets, 36 deans, 360 degrees, and pertaining to them spirits of analemma (Zodiac circle). First gypsy cards were called Naba that means "to predict". Naba cards were used only for reading. Card games appeared much later.

Rada taught me to read crystal ball and mirror - to see if there is an evil eye, hoodoo. If a person wants to speak to a fortune-teller, he has some questions to ask, he has doubts about something, he is looking for advices. But sometimes cards could be just silent and mirror is like a closed window because somebody felt envy not meaning ill or could really ill-wish. People who want to call me about their problems need to make a wish. This way I could determine if a person is bedevilled. If so, an evil eye should be removed, so that things will straighten out, to avert danger, to stem off a disaster. When you are full of energy, nothing could harm you, not even an evil eye. But if you feel tired and overweary, you are open to evil eye. You cannot protect yourself and evil eye could block your life. Any efforts to change things won't help, it is like a wall. Moreover, people often pay attention that their meetings with adversities have distinctive and peculiar features. To fight it alone is nearly impossible. If an evil eye is removed, a person is like a bird spreading its wings.

As often happens people could be overwhelmed by fears regarding their family, close friends. They could feel forebodings of ill that cannot be compassed. Sometimes previsions of danger become so obsessive that a person regards it as a thought disorder. But usually it is not a mental trouble, but a prevision. If to take measures in time, a calamity could be averted.

Once I got a call from Cecilia, who was in a state of extreme anxiety. It was on the 20-th of December, 1999. From the very beginning I had a feeling of dark and ice-cold voice space. My mirror showed me an evil eye, dark icy void. I saw a tunnel and 4 perplexed people, one more person in a uniform and a smashed car. I suggested Cecelia to come to see me immediately, I felt a danger of death. After an evil eye was removed, cards reading was favorable. But a spade two warned insistently: something is going to happen. And it did happen. On the 15-th of January, 2000 in the Lachine tunnel. A car that was driven by a friend of Ceceliay's son, turned over a roof 5 times bumping against the tunnel's walls. A policemen who arrived on the scene found out an unbelievable picture: a flattened piece of metal and 4 dismayed young men, accident victims, all of them without any scratches.

When people call me, I see a vision and feel their concerns. What are them? Love, health, business, children and parents, friends or enemies . . .I will advise you how to make a right choice, will teach you how to become an architect of your own future and to take a decisions of vital concernment.

People address a personal offer consultant and a fortune-teller when they are to make a choice, to take an important decision, to search one's misgivings, to get rid of alarming suspicions and to make sure if their fore feelings are true or not.

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