A Series of Coincidences

The phenomenon of Lilyana

How often we ignore what is going on around us, but we react so strongly when it is we who become the participants in an event.  Every little detail becomes important…  Suddenly, a leaf falling from a tree, a word uttered in passing, an unexpected gust of wind, or the sun peeping out from behind some clouds can become a sign.  Some people call this superstition.  But we, modern people, understand very well that there cannot be any relation, any connection between a black cat crossing our path in the morning and problems at work during the day, between spilled salt and an argument with a friend, between…one could count up examples for a long time.  We all know very well that if one event is followed by others, and even if this sequence repeats itself sometimes – it cannot be the rule, it is nothing more than a coincidence.

Analyzing the tales of those who have been to Lilyana, (and a couple of hundred such stories have already accumulated), one constantly comes up against all sorts of coincidences.  Well, they simply pile up to your ears.  Judge for yourself.

“…I was sick for 30 years, I don’t even know how many doctors I’ve been to…but after my visit to Lilyana, my luck turned for the better.  I came across a good doctor and he cured me…”

But you can still come across a good doctor without Lilyana.  It’s simply a coincidence!

“…my court case dragged on for three years.  But after Lilyana’s intervention, witnesses agreed to give their testimony and the case was won…”

Well, could there be any connection between the witnesses and Lilyana?  None whatsoever!  They never even saw one another.  It simply happened coincidentally!

For two years an immigration case hung around and of course it is unlikely that Lilyana could have any influence on immigration officers.  But nevertheless…

Let’s take a detailed look into several recent coincidences that were recorded in December of last year.

Coincidence 1.

Nina, 57, living in Montreal for 5 years, arrived from Kazakhstan in 1996.

“My dear ones – my daughter and granddaughter – stayed in Kazakhstan.  It was very difficult for me to bear our separation.  I looked for a way to get them into Canada.

“So in 1999 my husband figured out how my daughters could successfully pass their interview, but it dragged on for so long.  It took months to get any news from the Embassy; we had already lost all hope.

“Well, one fine day I was at my friend’s apartment, cleaning.  We spoke about this and that.  Then she told me:  ‘Listen, drop in on Lilyana, she’s my best friend’s sister.  She does all sorts of miracles.’

“To be frank, I have believed in mystical forces since my youth.  And I had nothing to lose – sleepless nights, everything getting on my nerves, and no more patience.  I went to her.  It was indescribable.  At first we couldn’t light the candles:  sometimes the matches wouldn’t light, sometimes the candles wouldn’t catch light.  She said that nothing was going well for me, that there was always some little obstacle in the way, ruining everything.  That was in July of 2001.  After some time, I went away for a couple of days.  When I returned, my daughter received a letter that the visas were ready and they could collect them.

“My joy knew no boundaries.  But it soon became clear that my son-in-law changed his mind: he didn’t want his visa and he refused to leave Kazakhstan.  So I went to Lilyana once again and we tried lighting the candles once again.  When put next to me, the candles burned with white flames, but when on the cards they smoked and turned black.

 “After my second visit, three weeks passed.  And here’s what happened…  My daughter is here…  She’s already arrived.  God keep Lilyana healthy.  And I had already lost all hope of seeing the people who are closest and dearest to me.”

Coincidence 2.

Liuba, 41, living in Montreal for 6 years, from Minsk.

“My husband is a truck driver.  Three years ago he had an accident.  It happened on the way between Ottawa and Toronto when an old woman pressed the gas instead of the breaks and crashed into the rear wheel of the truck.  The old woman came after my husband with a lawsuit to cover losses.  The suit was for 250 thousand dollars.  This story has been dragging on for 3 years.  All of this has cost us our nerves and health.  And main thing is that my husband wasn’t even at fault in this accident.  But the lawsuit was based on the fact that my husband inflicted emotional and physical damages on the “victim” (she had damaged her hand) and it was for material damages too (her car had been destroyed).

“And then, right before the court hearing, on the 24th of November 2001, I was sitting in the kitchen and reading over our local newspaper when I stumbled upon an article.  Before I had even finished reading the article, I had the telephone in my hand.  I called Lilyana.  I told her:  ‘Help, I’m in trouble.’  She said she needed time to figure out if she could help.  Literally within a few seconds she named off two of my main troubles.  She saw what was in store for us for the future and for the lawsuit.

“She was very considerate to me.  She lit some candles, then she read out prayers and we read along with her.  The candles gave off some smoke.  Within 15-20 minutes I saw 2 red drops trickling down from the white candles.  I don’t know what it was, but it really scared me.  Lilyana’s hands were as cold as ice, and then she started yawning and after 35-40 minutes she started feeling sick.  We prayed for a long time.  Next, she charged some marbles with a prayer.  I cannot explain what I expected from these marbles, but I knew that they would have positive energy.  Then, she looked in her cards and said that all our court problems would turn out well.  She also uncovered that we had a close friend; she described him precisely and said that he should expect some serious problems with work and money.

“Not even a week had passed before all her predictions came true.  It was the 25thof November when we were at Lilyana’s.  The same day we left for Toronto.  The court session had been designated at 9 o’clock in the morning on November 26th.  Before the session began, my husband repeated his entire testimony to his lawyer, and then he went into the courtroom.  I was not allowed to go in.  I stayed in the hallway, waiting.  I squeezed one of the marbles in my hand and prayed, the whole time repeating, ‘Lord help us.’

“After an hour and a half, my husband came out of the courtroom and said:  ‘I don’t understand how or why, but two witnesses came out of nowhere.’  During the hearing, the testimony of the two witnesses was read out and they repeated my husband’s testimony word for word.  Afterwards, our lawyer approached us and he said there were testimonies read out at the hearing by two witnesses who had seen the accident, that the case was won and that within a few weeks’ time we would receive the court’s written decision.  The plaintiff would cover all expenses.

“Unfortunately, Lilyana’s predictions about our winning in court weren’t the only ones to turn out to be true.  The predictions about our friends did too – they really did fall into trouble with work, and consequently, with money too.

“You could say all of this is a coincidence, but I don’t believe in such coincidences.  People often ask for them, but they rarely get what they want.

“Before this experience, I had never heard of or read about Lilyana.  Now I know that many articles have been written about her.  But what is surprising is that it was precisely then, during such a difficulty time that someone slipped that newspaper into my hands and I got some real help. I wish to thank Lilyana.  Thank goodness there are people like you.  Thank goodness that there is someone to turn to in a time of trouble.”

Coincidence 3.

Iraida, living in Montreal for half a year, arrived from Moscow. 

“More than 30 years ago I started having the most serious asthma attacks and no medicine could help.  During all those years I have been living on hormonal medication.

“At the time, I could not even have considered turning to one of these ‘wise women’, as they were called in the former Soviet Union.  In Moscow I worked as a director of a large library.  My husband was a diplomat.  We were far away from anything at all connected with all these charms, healers and fortune-tellers.

“And so I went to visit my daughter.  May be it was because of the change of climate in Montreal, but I started to get better.  But there were still attacks all the same.  And so my daughter, Sveta, told me that there is a healer who accomplishes all sorts of miracles:  ‘Let’s try it.’

“The first time I met Lilyana was in May of 2001.  I was starting to get worse by then.  Even the hormonal medicine stopped working.  Over the last half a year, Lilyana has been to see us three times.  Her first two visits were very difficult – the candles she lit for her prayers were burning blackly, even the wax pouring down them was black.

“The second visit was three weeks ago, and the last séance was actually today.  For the last half year I have almost stopped taking the hormonal tablets.  I reduced the dosage to 1/8th of a tablet.  I haven’t felt this good in 30 years.  Today the candles “cried” wax again, but this time they were white.  There was no more wax or blackness running down the candles anymore. As for the improvement of my condition, this is not merely my subjective feeling.  My doctor suggested that I stop taking the hormonal medicine altogether. Of course, my improvement did not come about only on account of Lilyana.  After she had been to us the first time, an acquaintance suddenly appeared who recommended a good doctor to us.  The doctor recommended trying a new medicine that was only just starting to be used to treat asthma.  But for some reason, none of this happened until after that meeting with Lilyana. It is surprising that after so many years I came to the conclusion that I really needed a ‘healer’ like that.  But try to find another healer like her, especially one so young and energetic.”

Coincidence 4.

Irina, 45, living in Toronto for 25 years, arrived from Moscow.

“I don’t usually read the Russian press, but at some point a year ago I read a brief article about Lilyana and thought it did not resemble in any way what I had seen so far.  I thought that possibly I would go to Montreal someday and so I set the article aside. 

“Usually people turn to this type of help when they really need it – when they have lost all hope.  I felt so oppressed and found myself under such difficult circumstances.  My problems were of a global nature.  It is difficult for me to talk about it, these problems deal with my son.  It is extremely painful for me to speak about this; it’s like reopening wounds.  Besides, I have a private personality. And suddenly I impulsively decided to call.  I was able to find the newspaper article, which had been lying around for a year, and called.  But it was really tough to get through.  I didn’t manage to get a hold of her for several days.  All that time I was thinking ‘why am I calling, I am not really going to Montreal.’  Nevertheless, I got an answer.  The first thing that Lilyana said to me was, ‘Let me see if I can work with you,’ and she said two phrases that immediately let me know that I needed her.  All at once she knew or somehow sensed the cause of my trauma.  How it happened, I don’t know.  After all, she had never seen me before.  Lilyana said that she was planning on coming to Toronto and that I had called her at a good time.  I think that all of this was more than just a coincidence.

“I went to Lilyana with a lot of skepticism.  I left Russia before perestroika and was brought up as an atheist.  I had turned to diviners and fortunetellers prior to this, but my experience has shown that nothing good comes out of it – I came across charlatans or underhanded businesses.  What I saw of Lilyana made an impression on me though.  It’s clear that there’s something driving this person.  She’s gifted and will give you the strength and energy to live on.

“When Lilyana started explaining the cause of my problems, she became ill and started to have an allergic reaction.  I also felt ill.  I felt exactly what she was feeling.  She said that she would try to release me from the black magic.

“The next morning after our meeting my feeling of deep depression, which I had only just escaped from, returned.  I felt that I had to call her immediately.  At precisely that instant there came a ring.  She called me herself and immediately started explaining something quickly and unintelligibly.  She was very agitated.  You could just sense the panic in her voice.  My husband still hadn’t managed to leave for work and I could not carry on the discussion.  I just responded, ‘uh-huh, uh-huh.’  Lilyana said that a dead black cat was lying beneath her window and she started to cry.  She seemed to be very shaken.  What was connection between my visit and the black cat?  I am a person who has little to do with anything mystical.  To me, Lilyana’s confusing explanations seemed like something out of a horror movie.  A woman named Aiden, who had also come to Lilyana for help, turned out to be an accidental witness to all these events surrounding the cat.  When Lilyana could speak no more, she took the phone and recounted everything in detail.  

“Even before I went to see Lilyana I sensed that I had some kind of evil eye over me.  I had a whole heap of problems and they had an influence on everything else in my life.  Lilyana thinks that the black cat died because of some connection between the black magic and her incantation.  Somehow the poor little cat absorbed the negative energy and died.

“Life will show whether Lilyana succeeded in resolving my problems.  But the feeling remains with me that she has something that others do not.  It might be insight or special intuition and the ability for helping, the ability to convince that nothing is so hopeless, that there is a resolution to everything.  It’s the ability to give back the strength to resolve your problems.  She reminds me of Dznuna who was a well-known healer in the former USSR.  These are people who have the ability to cure.  Beyond any doubt Lilyana has this gift.” 

A witness to Coincidence 4.

Natasha Kovalenko, living in Toronto for 5 years.

“I learned about Lilyana from my friend.  She had seen Lilyana two months earlier, the last time Lilyana had been in Toronto.  Lilyana said that ‘with the first snowfall’ Natasha would find work.  It’s been tough for computer programmers lately. And then the first snow fell in October.  That was only three weeks after Natasha’s visit to Lilyana.  On the very next day I called her jokingly to remind her:  ‘You were supposed to get some work – it snowed.’  And how surprised I was to hear that Natasha had just signed a contract, exactly the day after the first snowfall.

“After that, I decided to turn to Lilyana for help.  I called her in Montreal.  I was interested in my relations with a young man who I had just broken up with not long ago.  I was suffering a lot.  Lilyana figured out what my problem was on the telephone and we agreed to meet.

“I was supposed to meet with her on the 9th of December at 10 am.  I came a little earlier.  What I saw was a very agitated Lilyana.  She found a dead black cat, right beneath her window.  We both went outside and noticed how two women were carrying it away.  Lilyana started to weep bitterly.  She said that the cat was dead and that there was something fishy about it because the night before she had a woman over to see her and she helped her to get rid of some black magic.

“We decided to discover whose cat it was.  Unexpectedly, on one of the one-story houses we saw an announcement that a black cat had been lost.  We knocked at the door, but no one answered.  As we walked back, an incredibly clean white mitten lay in our path.  Lilyana immediately settled down.  She told me that she had heard a voice telling her, ‘you are as pure as a child, you can work again.’

“As Lilyana explained to me, sorcery possessed the cat and it died.  Of course, one can question all of this.”

*     *     *     *

It would be interesting to speak with Irina in a year.  Will anything have changed in her life?  Many times, Lilyana has told me that one, and sometimes two or three visits are not enough.  It all depends on how much ‘filth’ has accumulated within a person and how quickly she can manage to ‘scrape this filth away.’  Best of all is when a steady effect is attained.  “She came to be cleaned.  So I scrubbed her and scrubbed her yesterday, but if she waits a month … well let’s start all over again.”

It is hoped that this time Lilyana was able to “scrape the filth away” and that a lot has changed for the better in Irina’s life so that the helpless black cat did not die in vain.  By the way, in medieval literature one often finds black-coloured animals – cats, dogs, and ravens – being used in the capacity of a guardian.  And if white magic, in the mortal struggle with a wizard, manages to remove the evildoer’s curse from the victim, then all the force of this curse pounces upon the animal guardian and it dies.  I think that Coincidence 4 could have a direct relation to this, but I cannot be certain.  All too often the paradoxical statements and actions of Lilyana end up becoming true.  But then again, perhaps this chain of events could be nothing more than a mere series of paradoxical coincidences.

Israel Kotenko



From DORNO magazine

Letter to the Editor by Galina Andrianova, Etobicoke, Ontario

I want everyone to know this, so that there can be less suffering in the world.  It turns out that there are people who can help out in times of trouble.  Recently my life had turned into a nightmare for me.  My family means everything to me and I knew that I was losing it.  It was all because of my husband.  My little boy, five year-old Sergey, he would remain with me, but Eugenia, mydaughter…  She’s 12 years-old, and she is strongly attached to her father.  I would have lost her, just like my husband, had Lilyana not saved me.  I want everyone to know that there are people in the world like Lilyana.

But let me start from the beginning.

It all began when my husband started seeing other women.  One day we were standing in the lineup at Price Chopper – there’s always a lineup on Friday.  You know, everyone is stocking up after the workweek for the weekend.  It meant that we had to stand for a while.  I left for a minute to get some sugar.  I always forget about things like salt and sugar; you don’t buy them every day.  I got a package of sugar and went back. 

As I approached the lineup, can you imagine what I saw?  My husband was sniffing at the checkout girl.  I couldn’t believe my eyes at first.  Incidentally, he had chatted with her before.  We go to this supermarket so often that several of the checkout girls are almost like friends.  This one seemed to be about 30 (I’m 40).  Well, she was such a fresh little thing that I just shot her with my eyes.  She was a brunette, but my husband is fair-haired.  We are from Ryazan Province in Russia and there are many fair-haired people there.  But my husband is a tall, fine figure of a man, while she was small – Vietnamese or Filipino. 

It must seem strange to you that he was sniffing her, but it is only surprising to those who don’t know my husband.  When he likes a woman, he tries to sidle up next to her and sniff her.  Of course, he usually does this without being noticed.  Even walking along the street, if he sees a beautiful woman coming his way, he must sniff her and inhale her scent.  A woman’s scent arouses him.  And not long ago, I read in a magazine that men’s sense of smell plays an important role in sex.

So in this manner, in the lineup, he was beginning to play with this checkout girl.

When we got home I attacked him.  He just laughed it off.

Over time, I kept my eye on my husband, and I discovered that he had another woman.  To be frank, I expected something like this even before the incident in the supermarket.  I woman just knows when a man is treating her badly.  My husband had become cold when he was around me.  He would rarely touch me – like a woman.  That’s how I knew.

He started a romance with one of our common acquaintances.

This woman had a husband who often left home on business, while she would remain at home alone.  They live not too far from us and we would often meet each other on the street.  We got to know her a year ago when we went to the lake to rest, and there she was, without her husband.

It all started in the winter.  My husband and I like to go cross-country skiing with the kids.  One day he invited her to join us.  There is a park not too far from us.  I never suspected anything bad.  She came skiing with us and sometimes skating.  I even lent her the skis and skates myself.  Meanwhile, he had started to visit her on the sly.

When I learned about all of this, I lost sleep.  The first time he denied it, saying that it was just gossip.  But then he started to come home later and later.  He would say that he was working overtime.

I cannot describe how I felt.  This was my second marriage and I really loved my husband.  How I would run it over in my mind, lying sleeplessly at night next to my husband.  I lay and I cried.  He slept peacefully. He was happy.  He was next to me, but I knew that he would leave me.  I was losing him, I was losing my daughter and I was losing my family.  I cannot hope to convey my grief to you on paper, but it was an incredible grief.  I have since grown many gray hairs because of those four months that he was with her.

Thankfully people suggested that I turn to Lilyana.  I called her.  As soon as she heard my voice, she told me about my problems.  Lilyana told me that bad forces had risen over me.  They still call it the “evil eye.”  And so she started helping me.  Lilyana told me in my first telephone conversation that I had to get away from my husband, that I shouldn’t see him for a certain period of time.  I went to the Salvation Army and they offered me shelter there.  Once I had settled in there, I went to have a meeting with Lilyana.  Lilyana lit a candle.  The smoke from the candle was very dense and smelled toxic.  And it was oh so dark.  It stayed like that until almost the entire candle had burnt down.  Lilyana said that this was a good sign and that it meant that the hex was going away.  While the candle was burning, all the bad went away.  By the end, the smoke was burning nice and white.  I stayed at the shelter for two weeks.  Lilyana conducted two séances with me.

I want to make a special point of saying that this is not a business for her.  She is simply helping people with God’s help – she helps everyone who needs it.  But a person must believe.  She can tell immediately on the telephone whether a person believes or not.

After this time period, my husband sought me out on his own.  He said that he had thought a lot over in those two weeks, and that he didn’t even know himself what had happened.  He said that his mother really gave him a serious talking to.  The children were crying and were asking about me the whole time.  And so he decided to break things off with the other woman.  He said that it was over – for good.

My husband believes that this whole thing was his idea and that his mother convinced him to save the family.

But, I know that God did it – with the help of Lilyana.

My husband became tender towards me all over again, just like before.  I could go home and be with my children and spouse.

Meanwhile, God punished that other woman.  Her husband found out about her behavior and left her.  Now she’s all alone.  She goes about looking at other men.

I know that I owe the salvation of my family to Lilyana.  I told it all to my husband.  When Lilyana came to Toronto another time, he presented her with an enormous bouquet of flowers.

Thank you, Lilyana, Thank goodness you’re here.

From the Editor (Dorno Magazine, August, 2001)

We invited the Psychic Vladimir Sogomonyan to write an editorial and asked him to add something to Galina’s letter.  Here’s what he told us.

The gift of clairvoyance is like the power to hypnotize and to heal.  They are all rare gifts.  For since time immemorial, people who have this gift have been called clairvoyants, witch doctors, prophets, healers…  But no matter what you want to call them, they exist:  they can do things that no one else can do.  There are skeptics who don’t believe in the existence of people who have powers such as these, and, generally speaking, I think we can understand why they feel this way.  There have been so many crooks in this field of work.  To a person in trouble, though, even these crooks seem helpful.  No wonder!  When a person is in trouble, he is ready to pay his last penny…

Lilyana possesses a vast gift for healing.  She helps an awful lot of people and they are spreading word of her all over Canada.  Amongst her healed ones are Russians and Jews, Ukrainians and Poles, Tatars and Georgians, Hispanic people and Italians, Anglophones and Francophones, Greeks…  It’s not even possible to count them all.  She’s been written about in newspapers, she’s been on television in Toronto, on the radio in Montreal, and, soon, she will be releasing her biography about her generous service to the benefit of other people.

There is a massive interest in her throughout society because she is a phenomenon and she is a miracle.

Telepathy, or the transmission of thoughts through space, exists.  It has been documented.  Haven’t you ever felt like someone was watching you?  Very often we look over our shoulders when we feel someone’s glance is upon us.  Often we are witnesses to moments when people feel that their relatives and acquaintances are in trouble.  These instances can be found in both scholarly and fictional literature.

Those who have had the occasion to be hypnotized (incidentally, not everyone is susceptible to hypnosis) are certain of the existence of the transmission of thoughts and desires through space.  Say a hypnotizer comes out on to the stage.  In his hands he holds a piece of cardboard, upon which there is a schematic illustration of a person.  The hypnotizer picks a volunteer and says to him:  “Do you feel any pain here?” At the same time he touches the knee on the illustration with his pointer, the person grips his knee and screams with pain.

What does the hypnotizer do?  He takes his will into his fist and somehow concentrates it.  And simultaneously, with his words or with his mind, he sends the command.  The effect is so strong that it overpowers the volunteer’s willpower.

In Kuprin’s short story, “Olessya,” the heroine simply looks at a wounded hand and stops the bleeding with her glance.  She actually carries out, if it may be expressed in this manner, a hypnotic séance:  she sees a rope in her imagination.  With it she blocks her friend’s way and she gets stuck, such is the compelling force of this imaginary obstacle.

Science does not understand how the spiritual healing process gets transferred.  It has never been revealed and, perhaps, the unfathomable depths of the emotional impact that one person holds for another never will be revealed.

But as for what we do know…

Black and large eyes enable a person to convey mental commands and orders to another.  The power of suggestion is beneficial if the donor (as science calls the person doing the suggesting) can look into the recipient’s eyes (the one being suggested to), without blinking.  Allow me to take an example from the animal kingdom.  Everybody knows that the boa constrictor entrances its victim.  Scientists think that precisely this fact – that a boa constrictor can look with large and unblinking eyes – plays a large role in leading a rabbit into its trance.

Besides a strong-willed and unbreakable glance, clairvoyants and healers need a strong soul and the ability to concentrate their wills.

But all these are merely the basic means and conditions one requires in order to be connected to white magic.

Love of humanity endows the healer with these vast and supernaturally miraculous powers.  Without a soul, without the desire to do good, there can be no healer.  The only person who can perform the miracle of healing is the one in whom the flame of love for others burns and never goes out, not even for an instant.  And Lilyana is precisely one such person.

Can Lilyana help everyone?  No, not everyone.  She draws her healing power from the universe:  there’s no use in turning to her for help if you don’t believe in that.

May people always come to you, Liliyana, and may your candle never extinguished be!


Dorno Magazine
10th of November, 2001


When I met Lilyana, I remember,

It was at the last hour of the day.

Glowing, as from a heavenly ember,

With a candle, you came my way. 

Sublime and unaffected,

Before we began, you knew the end.

Into the cosmos your eyes projected,

And showed me what to mend.

Blessèd is he, who believes!

Lilyana’s magic, I believe,

Is the door to a world of joy

Where light will triumph over every darker ploy.

Isaak Milgram (translation from the Russian)

Here’s what they’re saying in MONTREAL…

I found myself going to Lyliana because of an acquaintance’s recommendation.  She knew Lyliana for a long time and advised me to turn to her.

After the visit, I wasn’t 100% certain of what she told me, of course.  I honestly admit that I had my doubts.  She spoke about the purchase of a house and about a new job.  In May of this year I had never even dreamt of such a thing.  I never even planned on buying a home.

And as for looking for a new job, I hadn’t undertaken anything in that direction either.  Literally 2 weeks after I visited Lyliana, my friend called me and proposed a new job to me – with better conditions and better pay.  I’ve been working there for four months now.

Regarding the house, I bought it spontaneously.  Acquaintances invited us to look at a picturesque location.  We liked this place so much; it was so picturesque, right on the shores of the St. Lawrence.  We suddenly decided to buy it.  It was not without its problems and bustling about, but by 28 of August the deal was closed and we signed the contract to buy it.  And the most convincing thing is that not only did Liliana predict the purchase of the house, but also the month when this event would happen – August of this year.  She was not mistaken.

Even more interesting is that my acquaintance, the one who first told me to go to Liliana, had a similar story.  Lyliana predicted for her that she would buy a house within a year, and this happened.  She actually bought a house in an incredibly beautiful place.

I recommend that you go to Lyliana too – you won’t lose anything.  I still have a very strong impression of my first visit with her.  I don’t know why – I was simply amazed – but when Lyliana lit the candles, they burned with black flames.  As she said – it was bad energy.  She said that the candles were an indicator of energy.  When I went to share my good news with Lyliana, she lit a candle and there was not any black smoke whatsoever.

I cannot say that everything that Lyliana said came in and out of itself.  For example, the purchase of our house didn’t come to us very easily.  But it happened all the same.  In the Lyliana’s words, “God helped”.

Of course, I may be exaggerating, but I think that she has something, something special.  She has the ability to sense and predict.  I consider this to be her gift.  Believe it or not.  It’s right before your eyes, but it seems so impossible.

I am not a faithful person. I don’t go to church.  But I am certain that there is some kind of strength from beyond that influences the progression of events and changes a person’s fate.

I think that I haven’t been to Lyliana for the last time.  Often a person is at a loss when he or she needs to make a decision.  Now I will certainly go to Lyliana, so she can steer me in the right direction.

Oleg K.

Truck Driver


Here’s what they’re saying in Ottawa…

April 2001

            My husband and I were distressed.  Our eight year-old daughter was very seriously ill.  She’d had bronchitis for the past five winters and each time it became pneumonia.  The lung problems started in 1996 when she was about 2 and a half years old.  She was born in 1993 in Almaty, Kazakhstan.  In 1995 we moved to Canada.  When her health problems started, we thought that the girl had simply caught a cold.  Back then, she got better quite quickly with the help of the usual treatments.

            But after a while, the regular treatments didn’t help anymore.  The illness returned again and again.  I have always been interested in psychology, and I suggested that, under the circumstances, it was very possible that my daughter’s medical problems were to a large extent attributable to psychological considerations.  I took the situation to be like this: as an infant in Kazakhstan, she found herself in a more severe climate.  The child had been taken away from the surroundings that she was used to.  I assumed that, with time, once she had adapted to the new climate and made new friends, things would take a turn for the better.

            But nothing helped.  It was the other way around.  It became a precarious situation.  In addition to her lungs, my daughter’s throat got inflamed.  Medicine didn’t help.  The family doctor, who displayed great deal of concern for our daughter, suggested that we take our girl to the doctors in Ottawa’s children’s hospital.  After they thoroughly examined her, they “issued” us the result.  “Your daughter needs to have her tonsils removed.  Moreover, she has,” said the doctors, “allergies to many things, especially to animals and birds.  Once she recovers from her operation and returns home, she will have to go to her family doctor every week to get shots.  She will most likely require these shots for her entire life.”  We fulfilled everything precisely as the doctors had said, but there wasn’t any improvement.  The pneumonia attacks continued.

            I suspected that the doctors were on the wrong path.  My suspicions proved true when, within two months of her discharge from the hospital, I met with one of the doctors from the children’s hospital.  He said that we shouldn’t expect anything good.  My intuition had not deceived me.  “You daughter probably won’t make it to adulthood,” said the doctor.  “All that we can do is to give her medicine and hope for the best.”  Having heard this, I knew that I had to look for help from another source.

            Since my youth I have been interested in the relationship between medicine and religion in a plan of treatment not only for a single illness, but also for the entire person.  I in no way mean to detract from the merits of the medical and physical sciences, but at that moment in my life I understood that scholars only view an organism in the way that their education presupposes them to.  They cannot be inspired by the idea that there may be a connection between religion and one’s physical and spiritual health.

            And I would grant hypnosis a good deal of meaning as well.

            I expressly went to a hypnotic séance and I found out the most interesting things.  A psychiatrist convinced the patient that he was drinking a coca-cola, while everyone could see that it was only water from the faucet.  This person was drinking plain water and thought it was coca-cola.  And I thought to myself that if a person could convince himself that water was coca-cola, then why couldn’t he convince himself that a negative thought was actually a good one, that is, that a feeling of illness was actually one of health?

            After the séance I asked the hypnotist whether hypnosis could help my daughter.  “Yes,” he said.  “Nothing but good could come of it and I would advise you to try it.  She is still very young and children are better inclined towards hypnosis.”

            At that same time, an acquaintance of ours came from Montreal and recounted the miracles that Lilyana was doing there.  Our friend told us that she chases away the destructive energy with the help of prayers and incantations.  I thought about it: this was precisely what we needed.  We would continue the shots, as our doctors prescribed, and at the same time we would carry out healing séances with Lilyana.  Really, is there not an element of hypnosis in prayers and incantations coming from the heart?  Of course, there is.  And we began in this manner – in a manner connected with medicine, religion and hypnosis.

            I will not pause over any details of how we organized our appointment with the renowned clairvoyant.  She came to us in Ottawa for an appointment with a group of residents from our city who were in need of her help.

            On the day following Lilyana’s arrival, in the evening, the clairvoyant and I entered my daughter’s room.  My daughter was lying in her bed, with short breaths and coughing.  On a table near the bed, Lilyana lit a candle.  I saw that at first the smoke from the candle was black.

            Lilyana prayed and for intervals between her prayers she would turn to my daughter and say:

            “Breath deeper and deeper and you will help chase away the illness from your lungs.  Drive everything away that is preventing you from breathing.

            This continued for about an hour.  Towards the end, Lilyana said:

            “Keep breathing deeply.  (I could see that my daughter was perspiring.  This meant that the deep breathing had given the desired effect.)  “Now,” continued Lilyana, “you should fall soundly asleep.  When you get up in the morning, you can cough to your heart’s content, and you will see for yourself that the disgusting phlegm has left your chest.”

            The next evening it all happened again.  Towards the end of the séance, the smoke from the candles almost became white.  That night my daughter slept soundly and you could hear her breathing deeply.  When she got up at about 8 o’clock in the morning, she coughed for about 20 minutes.  She coughed up an entire cup of phlegm, no less. From that morning on, she started to get up from bed and started to recover.

            I want to add that we did partially revealed things to our family doctor.  We didn’t tell him that Lilyana was a clairvoyant; we presented her to him as a psychiatrist – a psychiatrist who cured patients by way of hypnosis.  And for some time we continued to take our daughter to him for shots.  But we asked him to make the intervals between shots longer and longer and to dilute the medicine.  By the end, there was only distilled water in his syringe.  After a few weeks, we declined the doctor’s services altogether.

            Katya started to play with the neighbour’s cat and we were glad to see that she does not have any allergies to animals.  We got our own cat.  Katya started to go to school again and quickly caught up to her classmates and she started to attend her dance classes again.

            Why am I telling you all of this?  I am doing this so that people will know that there is a person like Lilyana, a person who will come to help you out of a difficult situation.

Olga Ruvinskaya,




June 2001

Getting a day with Lilyana was difficult right from the start and I had to spend a lot of effort persuading the clairvoyant’s assistants to accept me.

I went to my meeting with Lilyana, and I had the most contradictory impressions going through my head.  Could she really help me?  I had heard from people that she could get rid of bad spirits and the evil eye.  I didn’t know exactly what was wrong with me.  I didn’t know what had caused Fortune to turn its back on me.  Lately, no matter what I tried, nothing ever worked out.  My acquaintances said, “You’ve got depression.”  I agree.  It’s depression.  But here’s what doesn’t make any sense:  do I have depression because I have problems, or are my problems piling up, one on top of the other, because I have depression?  And I still had my doubts:  I thought, “Who is this Lilyana anyways?”  On the one hand, I wanted her help, but, on the other, I felt such an uncomfortable feeling in the presence of this person who, as I had heard, could uncover all a person’s innermost secrets with a single glance.

I even thought about what would seem to be an insignificant thing like her name.

I was staggered by the very peculiarity of the name of this clairvoyant from Montreal.  It seemed so poetic, melodic and gentle to me.  Lilyana…  It was as if this name belonged to a fragrant flower or a beautiful plant with flowing vines.  When I first heard it, no matter how strange it may seem, it was literally like music to my ears – I could hear notes.

And the next thing I knew, there she was in front of me.

I looked at Lilyana very closely, because I was prepared to see a very unusual woman.  At first, it seemed to me that she had black eyes, but upon closer inspection I noticed that they were dark blue.  In contradiction to my preconceptions of the typical clairvoyant, all I saw was a pretty woman in her prime.

What were her origins?  When you are in the presence of an extraordinary person, you want to find out more about him or her.

She had high cheekbones like a Slav, but her speech was quick like…like…like who?  And then the lines of a poem quickly came to mind:

The face of a Slav,

Eyebrows of a Gypsy,

And the temperament of a Spanish Señorita

These lines probably don’t reflect her true origins, but her genealogy is anything but ordinary.  In the clairvoyant’s veins flows the blood of people of many nationalities: that is for certain.

As the day approached evening, she seemed weary.  And I should think so!  To hear out so many people’s histories in one day, and to give her energy to so many people!  People entrust their innermost secrets to her.  They come to her with their troubles as if she were a saviour, each of them in need of help.

“Despite the fact that I really do need to rest before returning to Montreal,” began Lilyana, “I could not have refused you anyway.  Do you know why?”

“No, I don’t,” I replied.

“Because you are a person who carries God in your heart.  I knew this even before I met with you.  If you had worked for the Devil, Satan, I would never have agreed to meet with you.  When good and kind people get into trouble or when problems confront them that are so large that they can’t overcome them, I do everything that is possible, and impossible, to help them.”

The clairvoyant sat me at a table where two candles stood, and continued with her story:

“In my practice there have been times when, for the sake of friends, I have accepted the secret and hidden servants of Satan.  A person may be outwardly be tied up by religion,” ‘tied up’ was her precise expression, “they could even be fanatically faithful, attend church and fulfill all of the religious ceremonies, but in so doing, they are serving the Devil.”

“I see this everywhere I go,” and I shared my life’s experiences with her.  “When a wolf preaches, take care of your sheep.”

Lilyana’s “elimination process” takes place of the phone.  In Montreal, she has a special telephone line.  Thanks to this magical radar, she can determine in a moment the problems and the type of energy the person has on the other end of the line, whether it’s divine (i.e. constructive) or diabolical (i.e. destructive).  This instinct has never betrayed Lilyana.

In comparison, I recall a yogi who had a technique for selecting his scholars for his renowned school.  He would accept only those who followed God’s path in their souls and not Satan’s.  And he did this faultlessly, like Lilyana.

I mentioned to her that people had been complaining about paying for her phone service in Montreal.

“I can tell from a person’s voice,” replied Lilyana, “and from their first words what a person’s problem is and with what type of energy he or she is charged.  I can tell whether a person believes or not.  As you know, I don’t work with those who don’t go with God.  That’s why the phone conversation is so important to me.  But I cannot allow myself to talk to one person for too long.  People call me when they have trouble.  All of them want to share their burning troubles and get some help.  If I spent hours listening to one person, then I could not spend time with all the other people.  I charge for the use of my telephone line so that people won’t talk for too long.  I only want to determine what the problem is and to set up an appointment.”

While Lilyana prepared and fulfilled her secret rituals with great dignity, I continued to secretly observe her.  It seemed to me, as if an angel from the heaven stood before me and not a mortal woman.  She had flown down and was sitting before me.  Behind her back, she had folded wings.  There was something blessed about her.  At times, I don’t know why, I associated Lilyana with the famous Joan of Arc.  I thought about reincarnation and suddenly I could visibly discern, or even perhaps I even saw, the spirit of this great saint sinking into Lilyana.

Well, I am fabricating things, of course.  Lilyana’s soul is absolutely clean and healthy.  Otherwise, she could not be a real medium, that is a connecting and intermediary link, or, to put it better, a guide between God and us.  Lilyana, as if reading my mind, explained to me then and there:

“If a person’s soul is not as clean as crystal, God will never listen to him, no matter how hard he tries!  He can turn to the Almighty day and night, holding endless prayers and fasting, but this will be of no use.  His prayers will be like a voice in the wilderness with no one to hear.”

The ongoing religious séance reminded me of a rather surprising and ritualistic ceremony.  She sang prayers of such striking beauty that it was like a poetic revelation.  They will touch the very heart of anyone who listens to them.  I understood that Lilyana’s world is an esoteric one of subtleties.  She has the gift of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception).  For me, she confirmed the truth behind occultism, esoteric phenomena, telepathy, clairvoyance and prophecy.  None of this is fantasy, but it’s absolutely true.

“Lilyana,” thought I, “we simply must associate with you, because without people like you, we could get lost and won’t find the exit from this complex labyrinth we call life.  We will become more lost than the Minotaur himself…

I recall the great poet Pushkin’s fate.  He would not have become so great and would not have fulfilled his higher calling, had he not, as they are saying now, met with a clairvoyant along his passage through life.  The poet was 27 years of age when a renowned Saint Petersburg fortune-teller predicted his fate.  “In 10 years,” she told him, “you will fall from a black horse…” The prophetess’s words signified his death.  Pushkin believed in prophecy.  Knowing that, in his own words, “his days were numbered” (Eugene Onegin), the poet started to work like a madman, applying superhuman strengths to accomplish everything that fate would allow him.

Lilyana satisfied my curiosity regarding her religious ceremonies and rituals.

“Candles, water in oval vessels and other objects are only necessary to me so that God can beat the Devil who reaches each person.  You are no exception.”

I summoned up the courage to object to the clairvoyant.

“I get the feeling that in everyday life the Devil beats God left, right and center.  I think that God beats the Devil in the other, or, as they say, the better world, but in this world he does not.”

“That is not the case.  I am supported by the secret of how to purge a person’s soul of filth.  I accomplish this with prayer and incantations.  Curses and the evil eye abandon a person’s soul while the black smoke rises from my candles.  This carbon is the accumulation of years and years of destructive energy in a person’s body.  Thanks to my burning candles and my incantations, the mystery of purging the soul of evil is accomplished.  When, during the ritual, white smoke rises from the candles, it means that all the bad – everything that tormented the individual – abandons him.”

I was about to share my troubles with Lilyana, but she stopped me.

“I know what brought you to me,” she said.

And she started to tell me my fate – it was as if she were reading it from a book.  I listened with bated breath.  When she finished, she said:

“I will remove the curses and evil eye from you, I will chase the Devil out of you, and little by little your life will get better.”

She struck a match, but it wouldn’t light.

“There, you see!  You have accumulated so much negative energy over your entire life that the match does not want to light up for you…”

When the candles were finally lit, the clairvoyant pointed out the black smoke to me.

“This is all the work of the Devil,” she said.

While the candles were burning, Lilyana held prayers and made incantations.  Sometimes the incantations became songs, sometimes she asked me to repeat the prayers after her.  From time to time stopped praying and fixed her eyes on some far off place.  During these moments she would make prophecies, and tell me what to expect in the future.

Towards the end of the ritual, the light from the candles became white.  I knew that my soul had been cleansed.  I felt as if I had been reborn.  Only at that moment did I understand the significance of the words, “a clear conscience.”

In our ordinary and pragmatic time, it’s difficult to believe in miracles.  But I heard from people that Lilyana indeed helps people.  If that is so, then honour and praise is hers.  I believe that she helped me too.

Half a year has passed.  Much of what Lilyana said has taken place.  When she came to Toronto again, I went to see her again, and this time not with my troubles, but with a bouquet of flowers.

I went to New York and came up with some lines of poetry.  They’re the ones at the beginning of this article.  I dedicate them to Lilyana.

Isaak Milgram

Poet, Toronto

 Izrail Kotenko


Not much time has passed since September the 11th and all of us still find ourselves under the shadow of such terrible events.  On the basis of the casualties alone, this is perhaps the largest catastrophe in the history of humanity.  The great Nostradamus wrote about something similar to this, and fortunetellers from different countries, peoples and times foresaw it implicitly.  In the last few months not only clairvoyants, but also many people who are simply receptive anticipated some kind of impending doom or sensed its echo.  Many experienced inexplicable anxiety.  Depression attacked unexpectedly and without any grounds, relationships have fallen apart, and things have not been going wellÖ  I, for example, have come to a stand still in my work on the nearly completed book about Lilyana.  She said, ìItís the devil interfering!î  And actually, there was a feeling as if a door had been slammed by someoneís evil will.  There were days when I would sit for hours over a clean sheet of paper, just sitting there, without having written a single line.  On September 11th the door really did slam shut.  Behind it, our normal, day-to-day life remains with its usual daily worries and cares, the life that we immigrants tried so hard to obtain.




Lilyana, why is it that you, an authoritative fortuneteller and clairvoyant, who has been able to prevent more than a few tragedies, did not give any warning about the events of September the 11th?

I didnít know about it.  I didnít see it.

Explain why it is that you see one event, for example an automobile accident, but not others, even such a global one like this?

When I see, I see by way of people.  So if a person visits me in Montreal or Toronto and if he or his relatives are not fated to be in New York on the 11th of September, then I will not see, what will happen there.

You mean to say that none of those who visited you ended up in New York on September 11th?

None of those who may have suffered there.

And you didnít feel anything?  You didnít feel the impending catastrophe?

You know, many of my colleagues say that they knew about this beforehand.  I didnít see anything.

Nothing at all?

Well, maybe this dreamÖ I donít know:  could this be connected to these twin-towers? Ö  It is a strange dream, as if black snow is falling from the skyÖthe snow is large and coarse Ö with tendrils Ö but itís black.  Now I see this dream every night...  in absolute silence.  Like a film in slow-motion, black snow fallsÖ

But if any of those who were fated to end up in the twin-towers came to you and you saw the catastrophe, then do you think that you could have prevented the disaster?

The catastrophe ñ no.  But this person could have been saved and his fate and his affairs changed.

Lilyana, when you say, ìI see disaster,î what do you see?  What does this vision look like?

Most often it is simply knowledgeÖ well, itís just like you know where the vegetable market is.  You forgot when you went there the first time.  You simply know where it is, as if you had always known.  Or another example ñ youíre told that someone got married.  You werenít at the wedding yourself, but thereís no doubt about it.  You simply know that this person was already married.  But there are such visions when everything is so lifelike Ö But it is especially terrible when you are inside of them.  So it was with my marriage.  Once, I went to relax at a health spa and on the first day in the dining room I Ö saw him Ö No I didnít see him Ö

I had already completed my main course when my entire spine was seized by something cold, my eyes grew dim, and everything around me became dark.  I heard the sinister squealing of breaks, then a crash.  I saw a flash, and then I heard the roar and grinding of metal and then a deafening explosion.  I came to, and water was being sprinkled on my face.  My schnitzel had fallen from my plate unto the floor, it left some greasy splotches on my new dress:  it probably fell onto my dress first.  The vacationers gathered around me, someone had called for a nurse.  I felt very uncomfortable, but I knew what had happened.  I knew what this unexpected horror and this icy wasteland meant.  And this nightmare happened because of a nice guy who was so worried about me, much more than the others.  His name was Konstantine.  In the evening I spread out his cards and read his fate.  The cards spoke of an upcoming wedding and a long journey.  There were no clear signs of disaster.  But I knew that there would be trouble.  The next day we talked and he told me that he was a transport truck driver, those trucks are so heavy.  Then we had three good weeks together, then we got married and we had our first child, Borka.  And all this time I knew what would happen.  Then the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant happened.  This affected us.  Borka started to get very ill and we started to think about immigration.  We decided to go to Canada as visitors and stay.  My sister was already in Montreal.  Experienced people told us that our whole family wouldnít be allowed to go.  It was necessary that someone stay behind.  So we decided that Borka and I would go first and as soon as we got the right, we would bring Konstantine over.  We got our visitor visas easily.  It was clearly fate.  When we said farewell in the airport, I knew that I would never see him again.  But I couldnít do anything about it.  I didnít know how to yet.  From Montreal we called him every Saturday.  He missed us terribly, me too, I did not stop crying. But there was nothing to be done about it.  It was necessary to strive for landed immigrant status to save Borka.

That night I was violently awakened.  It was as if someone had hit me.  I saw everything that happened.  I turned on the light, I ran to the telephone and started dialingÖ There was no answer at home.  I phoned his workplace.  No one knew anything.  They said, ìThe truck still hasnít returned from its delivery,î I exploded and screamed, ìHeís had an accident, he needs immediate help.î  Then I cried, ìNow!  He is still alive.î  All they could say was, ìWhere are you calling from Maíam?î  I said, ìFrom Canada,î but they said, ìStop clowning around, or else weíll call the police.î  There you have the storyÖ  the whole bittersweet story.  It all became known within about 4 hours.  In the foggy morning, he had a head-on collision with another transport truckÖ  My dear Konstantine was taken to the hospital unconscious and in critical condition.  There was no one there for him; he had grown up in an orphanage.  So I called an acquaintance, arranged to send her a thousand dollars ñ everything I had ñ and asked her to take care of him.  When I sent the money, I knew that it was for his funeral.  All night I couldnít find any peace, but I didnít want to call anyone, I was afraid that Borka might listen in.  But in the morning, when I was alone, I called the hospital and said that I was his wife and asked, ìIs my husband dead?î  They answered, ìYes.  This morning.  He was unconscious.î  That is the storyÖ

YesÖwhat a terrible storyÖ  Lilyana, why didnít you try to talk to Konstantine, to convince him to leave his job?

He loved the road and loved his work very much.  He had a name for his truck, as if it were a living thing.  So how could I really tell himÖ  Could I say, ìI dreamt that you would die in an accident, so quit your jobî?  He would have thought that I was either out of my mind or that I wanted to tie him to me with my apron strings so that he would sit at home, and stay by my side.

Didnít he know about your abilities?

No.  But this is not important.  If he was fated to perish in an automobile accident, it doesnít matter that he was a truck driver.  Itís fate.  They say, ìYou canít escape fate.î  Itís just like King Herod in the Bible.  He was foretold that his death would come because of one of the infants recently born in his land.  No matter how many of them he slaughtered, everything turned out precisely as had been foretold.

Are you trying to say that any attempt to change your fate is pointless?

Itís impossible to change fate, whether killing infants or changing professions, just like itís impossible to rid oneself of shortsightedness by changing your hairstyle.  Here the change is necessary at a different level.  At that time I still didnít know how.  Then I still didnít know howÖ didnít know Ö Imagine for yourself that you know that a deadly danger is threatening your relatives or close friends.  And not only do you know it, but youíve already seen it as if in a film ñ there it is on the screen, while you are watching it from your seat, and this is what happened to me, when you feel the final, valuable cry in your throat, but the aftertaste of blood is in your mouth.  I saw it, I knew it would happen, but never say that you canít do anything, just sitting there and watching in silence with your eyes sticking out like a fishís in an aquarium.  Do you have any idea what kind of torture this is?  Twice I had to live through thisÖ It was like dying twiceÖ But now each night thereís the black snow Once I close my eyes it is snowing .

Our Newspaper

June 2001


Phenomenon of Lilyana  

It makes one year since I published my first article about Lilyana. One year that was full of events. One year of acquaintance with the person dowered with an unusual gift. In order to understand the nature of her gift I carefully collected and analyzed facts. But how could you be sure that she does have a gift? Is it really a talent? Maybe this is some anomaly. But look at people having a talent for science, arts, sport, people of great talent. How could you explain this phenomenon? Isn’t it a departure from the norm? If so, whether being talented means being at the edge of being normal?

Unusual abilities that can be hardly explained in the context of materialism… Hundreds of questions, but the main question to Lilyana is as follows: “How does she know things?”

I observed Lilyana for about one year. During this year I studied testimonials of people who asked her for help and whom she did help. Evidence and my own impressions make me think that Lilyana herself does not completely realize the nature of her unusual abilities. Often she cannot answer my questions related to her gift of prophecy.

She makes an impression of a person who does not understand what is the nature of her influence on other people. I noticed that when she enters my room the air is getting electrified. If you pass a hand through your hair you hear the noise of electric discharge.

Let us suppose that Lilyana is right when she speaks about energy system of our body. Our body has different systems: nervous, circulatory system, … I am not a physician but I am sure that there is one more system that is related to the energy of our bodies. Doctors do not treat it because they do not exactly know what is it. Lilyana says that she feels the energy of each person like you one feels a radiator in a dark room. When the energy system falls sick, here there are problems waiting for you. 

When the system falls sick... From the point of view of Lilyana: “you just need to get some assistance, some support, some extra energy”. In other words, people need to get charged. It reminds electrical engineering. Getting charged ... Constant energy source recharges systems that falls sick because they lack for energy. Is the explanation too simple? How about predicting the future? Optical sensations? Mind reading?  Fifty years ago it could be accepted as an argument. But today, when we could obtain information from a computer at a distance by using a palm; and we do not need any cables to do it.  Isn’t it a sort of telepathy? Several years ago something like that would be considered as a science fiction. Today nobody is surprised. At the heart of this palm phenomenon is the  above-mentioned electricity.

Let us try to understand what is really going on during Lilyana's séances.

Natasha, a resident of Toronto

In January 2001 I spoke to Lilyana twice over the phone (after I had read a newspaper article about her). She explained what was going on in my life, but even without her warnings I knew that I needed to remove the evil eye. I tried to do it before, I paid money, different sums, $ 250 and more, but nothing helped. During one of our telephone conversations Lilyana told that my daughter would gain a suit at law. Her prediction came true. Finally, I decided to visit Montreal to see Lilyana.

Lilyana told me that she felt a lot of negative energy around me. She took my hands, they were hot. Lilyana’s hands were cold like ice. While we were praying, the candle's smoke was black, the flame was fluttering. In the end the flame turned to be steady and tranquil. I knew long ago what evil eye was. But I did no know how to get cleaned, how to get rid of it. You need a special knowledge to do it and Lilyana does have it.

Oleg, Montreal

Today I visited Lilyana for the first time. To discuss personal problems and business problems. Accidentally I was present at Natasha’s séance. In general I am very skeptical as regards this sort of things.

Natalia had serious problems, the so-called evil eye. A miracle happened before my very eyes. I saw that the candles were burning and the flame was dark. Lilya’s hands were ice-cold. After the séance Natasha said that she felt much better. 

Mikhail M., 46 years old

I am a mature person. I am able to analyze my life. During the last few years I felt that I go in circles. It is not that I expected everything to go smoothly. It is not realistic and I did not have such expectations. I got alarmed because events in my life started to repeat. I live in Canada for 10 years. I changed several places of work. But recently I started to notice that my troubles had the same pattern. At the last place of work everything went well. But I had a feeling, I knew in advance that something was going to  happen. In half a year I was dismissed with no obvious reason.

After the séance I was really impressed. Depending on the prayer the flame of the candle was changing. At the most intense moments the flame grew up to 10 centimeters. What could influence the flame length? A wind? But there was no wind. I had a feeling that the flame reacted to what was going on.

During the séance I noticed an interesting thing: my hands are always cold. During the séance they were extremely hot. Lilyana’s hands on the contrary became ice-cold. Her face became red, she was yawning, looked very weak. At some point she was so exhausted that I suggested her to make a break. But she refused. She explained that all negative that accumulated during the years was burning.

I would like to say that I saw all kinds of extrasensory people. In my opinion they have common approach that has nothing to do with Lilyana’s approach. After I visited Lilyana I walked out of her place with the feeling that I met a person who has a purpose in life. Her purpose is helping people. She does not have any commercial aim.  

Natasha, 43 years old, Montreal

I gave birth to my daughter when I was 42. I did not count much on the baby's father. But to my surprise he was proud of his fatherhood and was ready to make a commitment. We lived together for one year. We understood one another and we were doing all right. When our daughter was four months old she started to cry. It lasted for three days with no break. Doctors did not see any problem. I got frightened. I started asking friends if they could recommend me somebody. An acquaintance of mine advised me to invite a bioenergetics specialist.

The moment she entered our apartment (she was an aged woman), right away I noticed that there was something strange about her eyes. She had very scary eyes, they reminded me the eyes of a wolf. I felt that something was wrong. But I did not dare to say a word.

She spent with my boyfriend (I mean my husband) and me more than two hours. When she left we felt completely empty. It felt like she took away all our energy. After she left, at eight o’clock in the evening we fell asleep. We slept with no break for twelve hours.

Right after her visit we got serious troubles. The first thing that happened was the accident with the baby; she fell from the sofa. My husband and me, we rushed to the hospital. While I was absent for several minutes, a doctor asked my husband how it happened that the baby had fallen.

The doctor did not like the explanation and got suspicious. Next morning we got visitors: people from police and a social worker who came to check if the baby’s life is not in danger. They threatened us with taking away our daughter. Their visit lasted from 10 o’clock  in the morning to 4 o’clock in the afternoon. They opened a file and registered our daughter as a “disadvantaged” child.

Next came troubles related to my husband. He was an even-minded person. By that  moment we lived together for one year. One year is enough to show the real self. After the “bioenergetics specialist” visited us he started drinking and threatening me. He called me devil and threatened to kill me. He blamed me for bringing this woman to our house. There were moments when he was coming to his senses and used to say: “I realize that I can kill you and I get horrified. I do not know what to do, I am afraid”.

One close friend of mine suggested that I see a white witch. But she did not help me. In about one year Natasha, my friend from Toronto came to Montreal to see Lilyana. She stayed at my place. She had health problems (incessant pains), nothing helped her. When I heard that she was going to visit Lilyana, I decided to see her either. But Natasha told me: “You know, in Toronto people speak a lot about her. Groups of people travel to Montreal just to see Lilyana. But let me see her first. I will visit her, then you will decide if to go”.

I witnessed how Natasha returned from Lilyana. She said that after seeing her she felt like a bird. “I felt like I was flying. When I was on my way to her, I was seized with heaviness. Now it is gone”. Natasha’s situation has bettered now. The skies cleared for her. She told that she felt better (pains are almost gone, ex-husband started to help her).

After I visited Lilyana my perception, my spiritual order has been changed. I acquired a desire to do things. Headaches and weakness were over. I feel lightness. I got rid of heaviness that did not let me be myself.

Pay attention to principal symptoms that are highlighted by most witnesses.

I. During a séance Lilyana’s hands are cold. While her “patients” hands are hot:

-     “ … my hands are burning, while her hands are ice-cold”.

-     “… Lilyana’s hands were very cold...”

-     “… my hands are always cold. But during the séance my hands were boiling hot”. 

      Lilyana’s hands were quite the contrary, there were ice-cold”.

 II. A candle’s flame reacts to  what is going on.

-     “… We read a prayer, candles smoke, the smoke was black, and the flame was

      jumping. By the end of the séance the candle’s flame stopped jumping, it became


-    “ … I saw that the flame of the burning candles was black…”

-    “ … As we prayed the flame was changing. During the most intense moments the  

      flame grew up to 10 centimeters…”

-    “ … I had a feeling that the flame reacted to what was going on.”     

III. A person who got an energy boost feels revitalized. A person who becomes a victim of energy vampires (it means that somebody simply got recharged by using their energy) feels empty. While Lilyana, the energy donor,  feels exhausted.

-     “I felt relieved, it was a sensation of lightness... When I left her I felt like a bird

       riding on the wind…”    

-     “ … after  she left we dropped dead  and slept for 12 hours …” 

-     “ About Lilyana… Her face became red. She started to yawn, looked very weak. At   

      some moment she was so exhausted that I suggested her to make a break…:

What conclusion could be drawn here? We cannot but use the analogy: the basis of all these paranormal phenomena is electricity. If to look at it this way everything turns out to be so clear. There are no miracles and mysteries. It is simple if you see Lilyana as an electric battery, no doubts a powerful one, which  could be used for recharging human bodies. Cold and hot hands are battery terminals with electric potential  difference. Smoking candles are indicators. A state of floating – recharged batteries with high potential operate easily. Being exhausted: low potential batteries are ineffective and operate with difficulty. Everything is so simple! Life of a human being placed in a range of a flashlight battery. A delightful idea . . . Even if to see it as a fantasy… But taking into consideration scientific and technological  progress, one could suppose with certainty that future generation of Canadians will… Those who are acquainted with this expression know what words will be the end of the sentence. But Lilyana’s phenomenon exists today and not long ago I witnessed myself her extraordinary unusual abilities.

On May 24 a photographer invited me to his studio. He planned to take pictures of Lilyana that should be included in a book about her. While he was preparing the light Lilyana looked very serious. Wearing a white shirt and black knitted shawl she was sitting by the table covered with the dark tablecloth. Threads of light created twinkling spotlights. At the table there were cards spread out, candles were burning. The photographer skillfully created an atmosphere of a mystery. Alas! But this atmosphere did not chimed in with Lilyana’s mood. The photographer’s words about mystery made Lilyana giggling. His simple requests to have her brows knitted made her look ridiculous.

- What do you want me to do? You must take me as you find me... This is true. Lilyana cannot pretend. She is no way inclined to acting that could be so useful in esoteric business. The situation became critical. I had no choice but to break into the  conversation.

- Lilyana, let us try otherwise. Let us forget that we are in a photographic studio.  Imagine that I just came to see you like other people, seeking for your help. How do you usually start your séance? 

- First I ask to make a wish. If I see things, it means that I can work….          

- Well. Let me think of some wish. I did not think long. It was not about my wish, it was about taking pictures. So, I thought of whatever came uppermost. My wish was to make a million next year. The aim as unrealistic as a cosmic flight.

- I have a wish. What do you feel? Could you work with me?

- Yes. The answer sounded very ordinary, with confidence, not a particle of doubt.

- Do you know what is my wish?

- “Yes,” – answered Lilyana.

At this moment I heard a whisper of the photographer. Let her bend forward to the candle…” Sparkles in Lilyana’s eyes disappeared. The atmosphere has been ruined. It did not make any sense to photo. I decided to show Lilyana how to bend over.  

- Imagine that you are praying and bending over the candle. Near you palms to the candle. Look. When showing I neared my palms to the candle and the tranquil flame turned into a dark smoke.

- “Look what is doing. Somebody put an evil eye on you”. Lilyana livened up.

I heard camera clicks behind my back. 

- Lilyana, what evil eye you are talking about? Explain for goodness’ sake. 

- You have an evil eye for something that you whish.

- Then what is my wish?    

- You want to have lot of money next year. But you have a block for money.

I had a feeling that I did not give myself away, that Lilyana did not notice my confusion.

A journalist should remain impartial.

During a short break I took the same candle and brought it to the next room. I lit the candle, waited a little bit to let it flame up and neared the palms. The flame wavered and  then became tranquil. As many times that I neared my palms to the flame, the black smoke did not appear any more.

I thought that maybe Lilyana used some special candles. But I found out that this was a regular candle brought by the photographer specially for this occasion.

What could be said in conclusion? You cannot say better than Andrey Khabad, a cameraman from Montreal, did. Andrey, who became a father recently, said: “All this

looks like a mysticism, old wives’ tales that nobody believes. But nine months after I visited Lilyana my daughter was born. For me it was a miracle. And if Lilyana influenced the events in some way that is unknown to me, I would like to thank her”.

Published in "Our Newspaper" on April 26, 2001

Residents of Montreal recognize her in the street. Many think that she is a saint. She is a heaven-born, say people. Many have another opinion. But both categories agree that there is something about her.

Testimonial about Lilyana could be found at her website: 

First I met a parapsychologist-psychic Vladimir Ivanushkin in December 1978. Before meeting him I read a lot about parapsychology and even attended several séances of such a well-known parapsychologist as Tofic Dadashev. That is why notwithstanding the scientific view of the world, I was theoretically ready for the meeting. I think that many Russian speaking readers heard about him. He was a well-known in Moscow parapsychologist, a person of outstanding intelligence, intuition, breadth of views. He predicted future, helped to people wronged by life, treated for cureless diseases. In the night-time, in the kitchen of his Moscow apartment he spoke about inexplicable. At the foot snuffled his huge black Newfoundland Chester Bob. Vladimir spoke about superphysical. I made notes planning to shoot a documentary. Unfortunately, the documentary had been never shot. My notes made 22 years ago are included in the book about Lilyana, an excerpt of which you will find below.

Israel Kotenko (hereinafter referred to as IK) 
"Evil Eye" 

From the notes: Evil eye or negative energy blocks one or several fields of vital energy of a victim. The victim feels depressed and exhausted, stops seeing the actual state of affairs, loses capability to make decisions, loses vision if things. It can be compared to going round in a circle, when one gets lost in a forest. Without a timely assistance the situation may become extreme, when the victim feels into despair, gets the impression of being at a dead-lock.

IK: Lilyana, not once I heard you saying about evil eye. What do you mean by saying it? 
L: It means that a person is in trouble. He is trapped and often he does not realize it. Evil eye or a devil eye. One wishes to achieve something. It seems that he put all efforts to succeed. He invested time, money, work. Everything was done, but it does not work. Despite all efforts everything is all against him. What is it? Destiny? Might be. But it might be an evil eye as well. To kill the hoodoo might be the answer. 

Family name: Verest
First name: Alex
Age; 39 years old

Arrived in Totonto from Kiev in 1996 I got to know about Lilyana through my friends who read a newspaper article about her. I contacted Lilyana by phone, she offered to visit her. My wife and me, we were wondering if it was worth doing it. It is quite a distance to drive from Toronto to Montreal in order to visit somebody who claims herself a clairvoyant. The price that Lilyana named was nothing comparing to 550 km distance and time. Finally, on the 5-th or March we visited Lilyana. She gave us a séance. First we simply talked, she told us about herself. Then she lit candles. About half an hour candles: the smoke was black. Lilyana said it meant that we burnt negative energy. Finally the smoke turned to be white. We prayed together. The same day we returned to Toronto. In three days I received an invitation for an interview and on the 12-th of March I had already obtained a job offer. This was my first job in Toronto. 
IK: How could you explain what is en evil eye? Where does it come from?
L: You could compare it to a disease. Our body consists of different systems: nervous system, blood system, digestive system etc. When something goes wrong, we visit a doctor. But what about our energy balance? I am not a doctor, but I am sure that there is one more system that doctors do not treat today because they do not know much about it. But I am aware of the energy system very good, I feel it, I could almost touch it with my hands. I feel it with my skin as one could feel a heating radiator in a dark room. When this system falls sick, dangers are lurking around every bend.
IK: Does one could detect himself a "system failure"? 
L: Sure, when the life becomes unbearable though it is not your fault. I will give you an example. Once a woman whose name is Irina called me. 

Family name: Kutchinsky
First name: Irina
Age: 35 years old

I contacted Lilyana because of extreme hardships in my life. I felt that everything around me was ruining: health problems and all the rest possible problems. My friend came across an article and I without reading it I gave a look at the photo and right away I got a feeling that this is the right "address". I dialed a number. I did not ask any questions. Lilyana told me herself that somebody put the evil eye on our family. She suggested to remove the evil eye. She spoke fast, not trying to defer a conversation (this was a 900-line call). In 5 minutes I decided that we should visit her. Next day I was in Montreal. After Lilyana shut the door behind us we looked at each other questioning ourselves if we could believe it. We agreed to believe it. And you could believe it or not but everything happened as Lilyana predicted it to be. Our family is "recovering". Things are getting better gradually. No more troubles. We feel peace of mind. You could believe it or not, but for our family this is a fact. 
IK: Do you think it is possible to "diagnose" a disease at an early stage, when it is not chronic yet? 
L: Sure. But you need to be aware of the disease in order to treat it. One's soul and body needs to be ready for it. Why do people visit a doctor once or twice a year? They are looking for a way to promptly assume measures, not to wait until it is late. We visit a hygienist in order to have our teeth cleaned. But we never think about "cleaning" the most precious of our "belongins". Usually people come to see me in a very bad shape. When I pray candles smoke so badly that we could hardly stay in the room. It is a black smoke. After it is over, people leave and I feel exhausted, like a balloon without air. Lately I lost more than 10 kg.. It is because I loose a lot of energy. When I diagnose people over the phone I spend double energy. 
IK: Could you diagnose over the phone? 
L: Yes, people call me from all over Canada. 
IK: May I have your telephone number?
L: Sure, you could call me at 1-900-451-2200.
IK: You, know, people say that if you take money . . . 
L: I heard about it. In the estimation of many people if you take money, you are cannot be heaven-born. But even churches take donations from their church members. People bring me their troubles. When leaving they leave their problems behind their back. But still they do not understand that it has nothing to do with business. 

Family name: refused to mention
First name: Alexander
Age: 42 years

Arrived in Toronto from Moldova. I visited Lilyana about one month ago. I heard about Lilyana from my friends. I visited her site. I liked what I found there. Despite the long way I had to drive from Toronto to Montreal I decided to visit her. All my life I was a lucky man. Today I do not complain either. I feel that somebody guards me, takes care of me. But during the last several years I felt that everything became difficult for me. Neither at home, nor at work, or business - nothing went right. I would like to say in advance that I did not expect any magic from Lilyana. Ervery person could change his karma to the extent he is allowed to do so. Today I cannot judge the results. It passed too little time. Most of all I was impressed because I got a feeling that Lilyana assisted me out of generosity. Many see today that psychic skills is the way to make business. I did not feel that way because I paid for the visit a symbolic amount, just to thank her for her energy and time. 
IK: Do you believe in clairvoyant? 
Alex: Generally speaking, no. But I looked for their assistance several times: a lot of money, but no result. When Lilyana told me that I was going to travel to the USA together with my boss, I knew about it. This trip was planned in advance. Four days after I visited Lilyana I traveled to the USA. 
IK: Are there any cases when you are powerless to help? 
L: Sometimes. When I do not see on the phone.
IK: Pardon me, do not see over the phone? 
L: Yes, when people call me, usually I see things . . . It is true that sometimes I cannot understand right away what is the meaning of my visions. For example, few days ago a woman called me. I speak to her and see a computer. I asked her why did I see a computer. She explained that she was a computer programmer. Another example: I saw a TV and the person I spoke to worked for the local television. If I see things, I could help. Sometimes in order to straighten out things people need to visit me. But if I see nothing it means that there is no contact between me and a person. In this case I openly say that I cannot help. If so, a person simply needs to look for somebody who could be of help to him. I believe that everybody needs to have his permanent assistant instead of looking for help in a panic at the supreme moment, when it could be late. 
IK: You become famous, people speak about your, about your being a prophet. Do you think your special abilities are related to the energy phenomenon?
L: There is a simple explanation. Sometimes in order to get rid of troubles people just need some energy support.

Family name: Nozadze
First name: Georgy
Age: 18 years

I came to Montreal from Georgia. I had neither friends, nor relatives. I had nobody. Because of it I felt very lonely and lost. IK: Did you consult any fortune tellers or clairvoyant before? Georgy: No IK: What made you call Lilyana? Georgy: I did not call. I lived in the neighborhood. I dropped in, she opened cards and told me not to worry because in two-three months my friend with his family was going to arrive. Truly my friend came from Tbilisi. He was waiting for his immigration visas for the last two years but he never spoke about it (he never told me). Lilyana also predicted that my immigration problems would be solved and now I am waiting for results. 
IK: What happens if you see bad things? Do you inform your "patients" about it? Aren't you afraid to take responsibility?
L: No doubts, it is not easy to predict something bad. But there is a difficult choice to make: to be silent and not to warn people? To know that somebody's life is going to break and not to warn? It is not simple, not simple at all. Testimonial: Family name and age: refused to mention First name: Mila Two years ago I met Lilyana in a depanneur. I was in a very bad mood. I had a reason to: I had a fight with my boyfriend. I was depressed. Everything broke down, I had no idea what to do. In short I felt antsy. I dropped in to Lilyana's place. I had no idea that she could predict things. She opened cards. First Lilyana said that she could not say things with certainty. I insisted, and then she told me that I would never see my boyfriend again. I was shocked. I thought that is was rather cruel of her. On my way home I could not stop crying. I suffered all summer. But Lilyana's prediction turned to be true. Two years passed, but I have never seen my fiancé. Despite the fact that we still live in the same city. Today I am almost sure that this is for the best: as time went his infidelities came to light and other things that did not give him any credits.
IK: Lilyana, do you make any mistakes? 
L: No doubts, sometimes my predictions are not 100% accurate. I'll give you an example. Last summer I was trying to help Andrew Khabad… Andrew Khabad, TV and cinema cameraman. Montreal. Andrew was interviewed on April 15, 2001. 
IK: Andrew, tell me about your experience with Lilyana. - In fact I do not have such an experience. Nothing special happened I would say. Actually, I had no expectations when I decided to see her. 
IK: If so, why did you visit her?
Andrew: To tell you the truth - out of despair. My wife and me, we wanted to have a baby. But my wife twice had a miscarriage. Medical tests did not show any problems. After the second miscarriage I was ready to go anywhere and I went to see Lilyana. 
IK: An intelligent and well-educated man like you visits a fortune-teller looking for a help. Doesn't it sound strange? What did you expect?
Andrew: You see, even a cold-eyed realist have some mystic part, sometimes it comes to light. No wonders that it happened to me. I had no answers to my questions. The science was silent. What was my risk? Thirty or forty dollars? I decided that it would not do any harm and I would bate my curiosity. 
IK: Could you describe your conversation? - 
First Lilyana said things about me. In general she said right things about my past. But her predictions for the future were not completely accurate. 
IK: Not accurate? 
- A bit inaccurate. She told that everything will go right, that my wife would deliver a healthy girl, that she would arrive on the 10-th or 15-th of March next year. But our daughter was born on March 26, 2001, about two weeks later. It is not a big mistake. But on March 10 and March 15 we went to the hospital. We were very nervous. . . 
IK: Do you know that your baby was born on Lilyana's birthday?
Andrew: Frankly speaking I had no idea about it. Does she have a birthday on March 26? 
IK: Yes, she does. - Are you serious? Well, this is interesting, very interesting. March 26, quite a coincidence. IK: Andrew, could you tell me what happened after you visited Lilyana? 
-Andrew: Nothing special. 
IK: Did Lilyana promise that everything would go well and your baby was born with a wave of a wand? 
-Evidently, a large part was played by . . . I am not sure what finally influenced the events. I have no answers. All this looks like a mysticism, old wives' tales that nobody believes. But nine months after I visited Lilyana I had my baby born. For my it is a miracle. And if Lilyana influenced the events in some unknown to me way - I would like to thank her. 
IK: Lilyana, you become more and more famous. You popularity grows. Lately Ottawa television broadcast a TV program about you. More and more people get to know you. What is your aim? Do you wish to be famous and rich? 
L: I was never rich and I do think that I will ever be rich. What about famous . . . The more people know about me, the more I could do. When you have plans - work, business, studies - you never know what is around the corner: good luck or bad luck. Usually well-educated people are very skeptical about predictions. If they cannot explain something, they consider it not existing. Inexplicable is nonsense for them. But facts remain facts, people whom I helped are the best witnesses. And if today a person buys a house, it is good to know if he will have a work tomorrow.

By Daniel Valenzuela 7 Dec & 20 Dec 2000

Nothing we do can change the past…but everything we do changes the future

LILYANA clairvoyant and offer consultant. Because of my cultural and religious heritage I consider myself as a sceptical person regarding psychic world with a great degree of scepticism but few days ago I red on a local newspaper an interesting story signed for Cecelia C. Her testimony was really amazing that made me change my mind about psychic world. Cecelia believes that God works through fellow humans to help us. Specially to strong believer people. In her written testimony, she writes: "I believe in God. I pray to God and God helps me. I trust in God. I know the Lord works through human beings. Sometimes God works through special gifted human beings called fortune-tellers" Cecelia C. relates how she was moved to pick Lilyana's advertising in local newspaper. " I was moved towards this one gifted psychic". In that special moment she decided to get in touch with Lilyana through an appointment. According to Cecelia's relate, Lilyana advised her that she saw four men in a car accident, surrounded by police officers, etc. One of the men was Cecelia's son. Lilyana assured her that all would survive the accident. Lilyana prayed with Cecelia and removed what she called "an evil eye". The mentioned meeting happened on December 20, 1999. On January 15, 2000 Cecelia's son was involved in a car accident when travel with three visiting friend from Toronto. All four walked away without scratch, although the car had hit Lachine's tunnel 5 times. Intrigued because of this fantastic story I decided to get in contact with Lilyana. She explained to me that in southern of Ukraine (her country) mostly is populated by gypsies. Lilyana also explained that in many Europeans ans Asians countries astrology is an everyday part of life. People have tea leaves, palms and cards read on a regular basis and is normal way to face the future. She began learning her trade at age 15 when she got her first vision. Two friends dying in a motorcycle accident. Lilyana was so afraid to tell anyone as she did not yet understand her ability to see the future. This accident vision persisted two days and she decided to visit a local gypsy fortune teller but it was so late…the young couple had died. It was the same older gypsy that said to her: "You are given to know and you will know. How you will get your knowledge (through dreams, visions or spirits) is up to God". Lilyana acknowledges that her gift have a terrible price. Having visions of people' lives, their misfortunes, etc., can sometimes be stressful or burdensome. Still she prefers to know and help people. Her ability is forever and very real. Cecelia C. is now convinced that a visit to Lilyana's office is really important with her future plans. You can get in contact with Lilyana at her web site: www.lilyana.com or calling at her telephone number: 1-900-451-2200

The gypsy woman who foresees the future
By Liana Mara 29 Nov 2000

Who would not like to know in advance what the future has in store for us? If that were possible, one could take all the necessary measures to give life the best of spins, taking whatever decisions are called for to avoid dangers and steer fortune his way. Don't think humanity has not tried to get a hold on the future. Astrology, divination and oracles are all there since time immemorial to bear witness to Man's attempts to shed some light on the mystery of things to come. And although the Big Unknown still dominates over our doleful lives, to this very day many persist and question stars, cards and crystal bowls hoping to… At times one runs across individuals who seem to have the rare gift of foretelling the future. Individuals like Lilyana Eklishaeva, a young woman who hails from the Ukraine and for whom palm reading is both a profession and a statement of her ancestral culture. In her native country Lilyana grew up in a village made up entirely of gypsies. At age 15 she had a vision: she "saw" the death of two acquaintances in a motorcycle accident. At first she did not tell anyone, but because the vision just would not go away, she decided she would tell an elderly woman gypsy, an expert in palm reading, to see if something could be done to steer otherwise the course of destiny. "Too late" cried out the old lady. The couple riding the motorcycle died in an accident, just like Lilyana had "seen". "You are doomed to foresee and know the future - told her the old soothsayer - through visions, dreams and by other ways". For eighteen years now Lilyana has been peering into the future on behalf of those who comes to her. One of the most astonishing instances vouching for her clairvoyance is what recently occurred to Cecilia C. from Montreal. She had gone to Lilyana under a lot of anxiety and with the ominous foreboding that something terrible was about to occur to her, when she heard the soothsayer tell her her son would have a car accident, but that he would walk away unscathed. Three weeks later the car in which the young man was riding, driven by a friend of his, violently hit the side of the Lachine tunnel. As a result of the accident the car was crushed. The four young people on board escaped without a scratch. In the exercise of her profession, which Lilyana carries out with utmost earnestness and absolutely convinced she is putting this heaven-given gift at the disposal of her fellow human beings, she is quite selective. She will take on only clients who send out positive vibes and advises them on matters concerning their sentimental lives, business, important decisions, travels, and so on. "There is nothing we can do to change the past, but there is indeed something we can do to change the future" she maintains. To get an appointment or an advice session just dial 1-900-451-2200 or e-mail her at "fortune@lilyana.com". Further information can be obtained from her web page: "www.lilyana.com". Translated from Italian into English by Agence Le Monde 



The interview with Lilyana was recorded in June 2000.
Materials are partially used in her website. 
By Israel Kotenko


MYSTERY When a caveman, our remote ancestor, got on to his feet, wondering what is beyond the horizon, an all-time question of all nations arose: what is in store for me? The same question generated an occupation no less dangerous than mammoth-hunter: a fortune-teller. Tracing the history of humankind, you could see that foretellers were exterminated by all available means: from stone-axe to party meetings, from crucifixion and inquisition fires to social ostracism. Magians were simply tromped to death. But new Magians superseded the trampled ones: saints and sinners, intellectuals and ignoramuses, bathed in grateful tears and anathematized. Delirium, will say an educated reader. All these predictions are pure charlatanism. But what does science say? Does it naturalize miracles? No way. But how could you explain thousands of accurate predictions? What about Nostradamus, who predicted history for four centuries in advance? Probably, this incognizable phenomenon just proves that it is superrational only in the context of today's scientific view of the world. For example, imagine that Newton who lived three hundred years ago, would be asked to explain how a television operates. Notwithstanding the fact that he was a man of genius he would fail to do that. In his days the concept of electricity was unknown. Let us consider the following fantastic hypothesis: "Past, present and future co-exist and we are forced to move along the time coordinate from the past to the future. The concept of multidimensionality implies co-existence of many coordinates. At the point of intersection of such coordinates could arise disturbance of the flow of time that could cause visions of remote past and future". Numerous apocalyptic visions could serve as a proof. Today I would like to introduce a guest of our newspaper, Lilyana Eklishaeva. Residents of Montreal of Italian and Caribbean origin recognize her in the street whispering: "There she comes, Lilyana. . . ". Her popularity started when a year ago her well-timed warning and decisive actions saved four young men from death. At least this is the persuasion of Cecilia Cambridge, a mother of one of those young men. Since then hundreds of people called in Lilyana's aid. Many think that she is a saint. Many another do not. But both categories agree: there is something about Lilyana. You could find different opinions when visiting her website at www.lilyana. And now, let us start with traditional biographic questions. - Lilyana, where do you come from? - I come from Southern Ukraine, the province of Volyn. - What is your education? - Secondary school. - Is that all? - I also completed a vocational school. - How did you prepare yourself for your career of a fortune-teller, predictor? Did you read any esoteric literature? Books on telegnosis and occult sciences, books related to anomalistic phenomena of psychology or anything of this kind? - Yes, I did try to read some books. But to tell you the truth, I was not very successful. May be the books were not the good ones, or it might have been my fault, but I did not understand too much. Pure spiritisms, scientific terminology. . . So, I quitted. - May I ask you how did you become aware of your unique abilities? - I found it out when I studied at school. I grew in a small village called Ljubchitse. The village was mostly populated by the Romany. My friend, Mariana, who is not alive now, was my friend from the first grade. Mariana was a daughter of Romany baron. Her father was the head of the Romany community of our village. Mariana's great-grandmother, Rada, was a well known in Ljubchitse fortune-teller and sorceress. I was a constant guest at Mariana's place. I was used to see Rada reading cards, mirror and crystal ball. Not once Rada set out cards on the table, called us and asked to guess a card. Each of us made a guess, one more and more. Then it turned into playing the baby. Rada got angry and urged us to stop. - What you are saying is that Rada gave you methodical lessons? - No. At first it was just a game. Everything started with my birthday. When I became fifteen my mother made me a gift of a pen-case. Next day the pen-case disappeared. I sobbed my heart out. I was so bitter about the loss that I could not help thinking about it. And all of a sudden I had a vision: I saw my classmate Ninka hiding my pen-case in a shed. Finally I got it back. But since then my quiet life ended. I had visions again and again. It was a torture that could start any moment. I felt shivery, my hands became ice-cold, and there came a vision. I saw catastrophes, disasters and deaths of unknown people. . . It was so distressful that I was afraid to fall asleep, to be alone in a room. - If I understood right, most of your visions were calamities and disasters? - No, not at all. Thanks god, I did not see catastrophes too often. But if I did, the visions were very bright and frightening. That is why I was always afraid of having visions like that. But usually in my visions I saw unknown people, ordinary life, ordinary conversations, often people spoke foreign languages and I could not understand a word of what they said. But sometimes I saw familiar faces. . . - Did you speak to somebody about your visions? - Sure, at first I did. - And what happened later? - I was laughed at. I do not want even to recollect it. - Have your visions ever come true? - Yes, they did. - Could you give me am example? - Once I felt a dark icy void: I had a vision that Mariana and her boyfriend had a motorcycle accident. For two days I was tortured by dire forebodings. I did not dare to speak to anybody. Mariana was out of village for several days. Just imagine me saying to Mariana's father Stepan: "Your daughter is going to have an accident". How will he react? Finally, I decided to speak to babushka Rada. The moment Rada saw me she felt a disaster. She did not let me speak. She set out cards on the table and wept. Sobbing her heart out, Rada reproached me for not telling her before, not letting her to stem off the disaster. Next day the whole village was appalled at the shocking news. It was Rada's first lesson, the lesson for life. Afterwards there were many lessons that Rada gave me. - Did Rada started to believe in you after this terrifying story? - I don't know. May be Rada could not die and take her knowledge with her. Romany children dreamt to get out of the village, to make money, to move to big cities. In fact, after Mariana's death, Rada had nobody except me. Little by little she started to teach me. She used to say: "You are given to know and you will know. Whatever you know is for people. How you will get your knowledge - through dreams, visions or spirits - it is up to God". As time went on I kept on having visions. Sometimes visions tormented me, I was afraid to be alone, to fall asleep. Rada taught me not to be scared of my visions. She taught me how to call spirits, how to behave, how to ask questions and get answers. How to read cards, crystal ball, mirror. How to detect if there is an evil eye. - Lilyana, using the opportunity I would like to ask you about my future. - Do you have any troubles? - I am not sure. I would say no. - If a person needs an assistance of a fortune-teller, it means that he has some problems. Something bothers him, something goes wrong. People who wish to read their fortune usually face a dilemma, they need to make a decision, to find an explanation to tormenting forebodings, to get rid of alarming suspicions or on the contrary to make certain that suspicions are true. But to seek guidance from a fortune-teller out of curiosity is rather insecure. - Why insecure? - I cannot tell. But it is so. And you know what? Sometimes cards could be just silent and mirror is like a closed window. But if a person who got a problem calls me, I ask to make a wish. Right away I see if he has en evil eye or not. If he does have an evil eye, I suggest to remove it, so that things will straighten out, to avert danger, to stem off a disaster. An evil eye could be caused if somebody feels envy about you or means ill. If you do not have enough energy, you cannot protect himself. A person who is energetically strong cannot be bedeviled. People are subject to an evil eye only when they are tired, weak and helpless. An evil eye could block your life. Any efforts to change things won't help, it is like a wall. People often pay attention that their meetings with adversities have distinctive and peculiar features. To fight it alone is nearly impossible. If an evil eye is removed, a person is like a bird spreading its wings. - Could you help in removing an evil eye? - Yes, I do. - Do you do it yourself? - No, I am too young for that. It should be done be an aged person. - Could you give me an example of assisting people? - You know, sometimes people may feel tormented by fears regarding their family, close friends. Previsions of danger might become so obsessive that a person regards it as a thought disorder. Usually it is not a mental trouble, but a prevision. If to take measures in time, a calamity could be averted. Once I got a call from Cecelia, who was in a state of extreme anxiety. It was on the 20-th of December 1999. From the very beginning I had a feeling of dark icy void. All of a sudden I saw a tunnel and four perplexed people, one more person dressed in a uniform and a smashed car. Right away I recollected Mariana and Rada's reproaches. This time I had no doubts. I suggested Cecelia to see me immediately: I felt a danger of death. After an evil eye was removed, cards' reading was favorable and did not show any danger. But the cards showed that something was going to happen. And it did happen on the 15-th of January 2000 in the Lachine tunnel. A car that was driven by a friend of Cecilia's son, turned over a roof 5 times bumping against the tunnel's walls. A policeman found out an unbelievable picture: a flattened piece of metal and four dismayed young men, accident victims without a scratch. - Lilyana, if people would like to contact you, where could they find you? - You could reach me at 1-900-451-2200. But please note that this is a fee-paying line. When a person calls me and makes a wish, I set out cards and see his problems. What are they? Love, health, business, immigration, children, parents, friends or enemies. I will tell you what I see and will advise you how to avoid problems.

OCTOBER 19, 2000 By Evelyn Houston
The Caribbean Camera

"Nothing we do can change the past... but everything we do changes the future. "LILYANA

THE COMBINATION of cultural heritage and religious belief is a powerful one.The concept of an all-powerful God who needs no one to intervene on his behalf is a cornerstone of my religious belief. Thus, I have always treated the psychic world with a great degree of skepticism.

This past week, I was able to read a testimony by Cecelia C. who was singing the praises of Lilyana, a psychic Cecilia had consulted. Cecilia believes that God does, in fact, work through our fellow humans to get to us. In her written testimony she writes: 'I believe in God. I pray to God and God helps me. I trustin God. I know the Lord worksthrough human beings. Sometimes God works through special gifted human beings called fortune-tellers."

Cecilia C. relates how she picked Lilyana out of a group of psychic ads in a local newspaper. "I was moved towards this one gifted psychic." Cecilia C. arranged an appointment for that same day. According to Cecilia, Lilyana advised her that she saw four men in an auto accident, surrounded by police officers, etc. One of the men, was Cecilia's son. Lilyana assured Cecilia that all would survive the accident. Lilyana prayed with Cecilia and removed what shecalled ''an evil eye. This was on December 20,1999. On January 15, 2000, Cecelia's son, along with three friends visiting from Toronto, was involved in a car accident. All four walked away without a scratch, although the car had hit a brick wall five times.

An open testimony to psychic intervention is rare among us, and intrigued me enough to contact Lilyana, who visited our offices. Lilyana explained that in many European and Asian countries astrology is an everyday part of life. People have tealeaves, palms and cards read on a regular basis. In those cultures, this is a normal part of planning one's future. It is not perceived to be connected with evil in any way, but rather to be God's way of assisting us to face the future.

Lilyana is from a small village in Southern Ukraine mostly populated by gypsies. She began learning her trade at age 15, when she first saw a vision of two friends dying in a motorcycle accident. Lilyana was too afraid to tell anyone, as she did not yet understand her ability to see the futures. Still, when the vision persisted for two days she went to the local gypsy fortune teller-but it was too late to ward off the hoodoo-the young couple had died.

The older fortuneteller took Lilyana under her wing. "You are given to know and you will know. How you will get your knowledge-through dreams, visions or spirits -is up to God".

Lilyana acknowledges that her gift comes at a terrible price. Having visions of other people's lives, their misfor-tunes, etc. can sometimes be burdensome. The ability to see the future cannot be turned off- and visions into other people's private places are most unwelcome. "In the beginning, the visions would torment me. I was afraid to fall asleep, afraid to be alone". Still, she prefers to know. "The people of the west are not as open to this part of our culture. They stumble along, living in darkness when enlightenment is available. Still, it is perhaps our cultures that make the difference."

Perhaps it is more than cultural. Perhaps it is simply that we cannot understand the HOW of this particular ability. HOW is it done? How can a perfect stranger look at us and see deep into our past, and map out a future? This is my biggest question: HOW??? Cecilia C. is convinced that a trip to Lilyana can only help with your future plans. She is thankful that she had been forewarned about the accident, so that when the call came, she was not distressed. She knew everyone was okay. "God's gifts are given to us in many ways".

A braver soul visiting our office that day spent a few minutes with Lilyana and was convinced that Lilyana has the gift. While both psychic and client accept that the ability to foretell coming events exist—neither can explain it. Still, the experience has at least made me question my long held beliefs. After all, I now ask myself, "Has anyone ever been really able to explain the ways of God?