Hi, I'm Lilyana.

Clairvoyant Healer

When I was fifteen years old I received a gift from God to help people, save lives from death and danger. I can see the future, hear God's voice and help you make the right decision. Through God's work, I can see and remove your negative energy and make your life easier.

Let's get to know each other over a free consultation on skype. I will try to establish a connection with you and see if I can work with you. First I will look if I can truly help you, and you don't need to make any payment to me.

Video Testimonials

What my clients say

Lilyana, her talent and her big heart
I wanted to thank Lilyana for her help via Skype. She is the onlly one who helps people via Internet, and the only one who does not charge for the first consultation. She responded quickly the email and relaxed me after during our converastion via Skype. I wanted to thank the Website of Spravka.ca for advertising Lilyana and helping me and others to find her and giving a chance to people to be saved by Lilyana in the difficult time. 

- Tanya, Montreal

Lilyana is a wonderfull person very altruistic and always ready to help another human being in need. She is very honest and not money oriented. She understands that the gift she has has to be shared with the world other wise she will loose it. This is her mission on that earth to be of service to people that need her help. However there is one condition one have to believe in God to benefit from her gift. I know that she wont be able to help anybody who dont believe. Her perfection is your belief. I wish one day entire world know Liliana. God bless you Liliana so you can continue being of service to all of us. 


Lilyana is a very honest person and she has the gift to see the future and help people with their problems. many people in the russian comunity know her and are very glad they heard about her. lilyana comes in the worst situations and she never says no. she doesnt try to make business and she doesnt need to advertise because people talk about her good. lilyana contunes bring people luck and help them solve problems and hard decision. God bless you... 

- Angel

Lilyana is an amazing woman with a kind heart that has helped thousands of people she can read your fortune tell you your problems and even remove the evil eye ;) She can predict over the phone and soon will be able to tell your fortune online through a web camera, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. 

Thank you Lilyana we love you!!! God Bless You! 

Viki, Toronto

A Message for the New Year from Lilyana

Let me help you through God's will

As a messenger and my mission is to help anyone that is in need.